Yesterday, Anger was Here. . .

It poured its venom 

over me

dripping on my skin

like hot tar


Swarmed around me

like an 

angry colony of bees 

leaving welts that burned

longer than the sting


Yesterday, Anger was Here

All up in my face –

Hot breath

Spewing out toxic words,

Asphyxiating my right

To dignity


It came after me

like a coward, when I was

the most defenseless,

enveloped my vulnerability,

and used it to create a semblance

of power



Yesterday, Anger was Here

Tried to convince me

It was part of me

The way thorns are part of a rose,

But I told it that my thorns

Were made of

Self-preserving love,

Self-determined love,

Self-nurturing love,

And for the first time I realized,

There was no room for anger in my love


I’ve seen it rage
In the red fist
of an agitated heart
Flow gradually like
grains of sand
into a scorpion’s hole
I’ve seen it singe
the edges of
smolder confidence
until it choked the air 
with acrid faith. 
Scream louder
than the
silence of
I’ve seen it
shame a hummingbird
into clipping
her wings
long enough
to constrict the
flow of love
I’ve seen it in me